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4 Touches That Will Transform Your Kid’s Bedroom

Looking for tips for fun ways to decorate your kid’s bedroom? Or maybe just spruce it up a bit? We’ve got some ideas for you. These ideas can help turn a bland bedroom into something special!

Light Up the Room

Have you ever seen the difference light can do to a room? Creating so-called mood light can produce a cozy atmosphere immediately. Colored yellow and orange lamps can create a nice mood, as can regular lightbulbs that give off a yellow light.

When it comes to your child’s bedroom, though, you want lights that are fun to look at as well!

If going for colored lamps, you will find many shaped like animals, flowers, spaceships, boats, and so forth. The sky’s the limit when it comes to finding cool lamps!

You can also use paper lanterns in different colors for a fun effect and an instant mood boost.

Fairy lights are what can only be described as the kings of cozy. If your child has a reading nook or tipi, it will look beautiful if you string fairy lights around it. Or why not hang some above their bed?

These days you can get fairy lights in all sorts of shapes and sizes too–even fun ones for kids, such as flower- and animal-shaped ones. You can pick ones that match the theme of the room or simply the color scheme of the room.

Note that bright white fairy lights don’t have the same cozy effect as the more yellow ones.

Printed Art

Art has the potential to transform a room completely. Get a couple of prints that have an overarching theme, and voila–your walls have had a makeover!

Art these days does not have to be expensive. Platforms like Etsy will help you find printables that you can download. Print them and stick them to the wall like posters, or have them framed.

You will also find that resources like Freepik and The Graphic’s Fairy might have something you want to print and put on the wall. Such as this cute animal Printouton freepik. Or why not Vintage Butterflies from The Graphic’s Fairy? As it’s free, you can also change the art with the seasons or whenever your child wants to redecorate!

Wall Decals

If you have a monochrome wall in your child’s bedroom, why not spiff it up with a wall decal? Instead of spending ages painting a motif, you can simply glue it on in a matter of minutes.

A quick look around Google will give you plenty of ideas for what wall decals exist out there. You will also find many on Etsy.

Of course, if you are crafty, you can make your own decals digitally and have them printed or painted straight on the wall. However, that is, as mentioned, rather time-consuming!

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Make the Bed Special

Your child spends 8-12 hours in bed every night depending on their age, so it stands to reason you choose a nice bed! While the mattress might be the most crucial factor for sleeping well, a beautiful or unique bed can add a lot of charm to a room. In fact, it can completely transform the look of the room!

These days you can find a lot of fun beds on the market-ranging from unique bunk beds to four-poster beds for princesses. Depending on the theme of the room, you will find one that’s perfect for your child. Even just painting a regular bed and buying a matching duvet and pillows can transform a room entirely. Just imagine painting a bed navy blue, buying a duvet filled with stars and a rocket-shaped pillow to go with it!

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In Closing

It doesn’t have to be either costly or difficult to spruce up your child’s bedroom. The above tips will give you some ideas, and if you like none of those, how about getting one of our tipis (or teepees as they are also called) and creating a reading nook? A tipi in the room will offer your child their own little hideaway and add something unique to the decor!

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